Promotional Umbrellas for Tourism & City advertisement

Strimaxx offers a big selection of regular and pocket umbrellas which are perfectly suitable as a long-term and popular advertising tool, especially for tourist offices, city advertisement and tourism. That is a good message for all travellers and guests who won't be left out in the rain or won't be exposed to the sun without a sunshade.

Allover Midsize-Regular Umbrella – 1031

Allover Midsize-Regular Umbrella

Regular umbrella for 2 persons –with elegant hook handle.

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Points worth knowing about printable umbrellas for tourism, tourist offices & city advertisement

Umbrellas are also used – depending on the weather situation – as sunshade or umbrella for rainy days. Tourists are pleased if they have the opportunity to get a umbrella. Printed with a logo, emblem or advertising message this is an advertising tool, which reminds them of their holiday and the place they have been. This is why umbrellas are often used as a long lasting advertising medium for cities, communities or holiday destinations.

Promotional umbrellas from Strimaxx are used by the departments of city advertisement and tourist offices as well as by local tourism associations.