Hotel Umbrellas with Logo

Strimaxx is the specialist for hotel umbrellas with print. Umbrellas are used in hotels for three different applications: as printed umbrellas in hotel guest rooms or as regular concierge umbrella with print. A guest can lend an umbrella at the concierge’s desk. The third application is the classic, big concierge umbrella which is used by the concierge of the hotel to protect the guests from rain or snow, when they arrive or depart during bad weather.

Topics worth knowing about printed hotel umbrellas

Due to many years of experience in printing umbrellas and hotel umbrellas Strimaxx became specialised in hotel umbrellas. Especially umbrellas with a logo are highly demanded: we offer good quality for a fair price. In the hotel and restaurant trade umbrellas are popular promotional tools. An umbrella is highly valued by guests: in the wet season many people get into an unexpected rain shower, drizzle or are hit by continuous rain.

Strimaxx pays attention to efficiency: a good hotel umbrella is normally used many times, until it is lost – or forgotten somewhere. Essential for the efficiency of umbrellas in hotel business is not the price, it’s the price divided by the number of guests who use the umbrella.

Strimaxx hotel umbrellas with print are super low in cost compared to price: excellent price / performance ratio due to good quality combined with long lasting promotion .