Printable Telescopic Umbrellas

A collapsable umbrella with logo is a popular, widely distributed promotional present and is used for many purposes. For finding your personal telescopic umbrella for promotion we keep a huge variety of different models which are available in different colours and types.

Pocket Umbrella with matching design handle – 1002-09 (dark green)

Pocket Umbrella with matching design handle

Telescopic umbrella with a soft-touch handle in the matching colo...

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Pocket Umbrella with design-handle – 1003-03 (light grey)

Pocket Umbrella with design-handle

Premium telescopic umbrella with exclusive handle.

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Alu-Light Telescopic Umbrella – 1004-01 (black)

Alu-Light Telescopic Umbrella

Telescopic umbrella in black with automatic open/close function.

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Alu-Light Pocket Umbrella with hook handle – 1005-01 (black)

Alu-Light Pocket Umbrella with hook handle

Strong telescopic umbrella with automatic open/close.

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Plain promotional pocket Umbrella – 1006-02 (navy)

Plain promotional pocket Umbrella

Umbrella with automatic opening and soft-touch handle.

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Alu-Light Collapsible Umbrella – 1007-02 (navy)

Alu-Light Collapsible Umbrella

Solid telescopic umbrella as high-quality advertising medium.

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Aluminium Telescopic Umbrella – 1008-02 (navy)

Aluminium Telescopic Umbrella

High-quality telescopic umbrella in many different colours.

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Mini Telescopic Umbrella – 1009-04 (red)

Mini Telescopic Umbrella

An extra small telescopic umbrella with an additional doming on t...

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Alu-Light Pocket Umbrella – 1010-02 (navy)

Alu-Light Pocket Umbrella

Favourable automatic telescopic umbrella with handle made of plas...

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Points worth knowing about telescopic umbrellas with logo

Find the matching promotional umbrella in pocket size and then choose the colour of the umbrella and the imprint.

The colour of the collapsable umbrella and the printed advertising message should fit to the company. Here you can choose between different sizes, handle types and materials.

Most telescopic umbrellas are divided in eight panels and can get an additional print. The imprint can be a one- or multi-colour print placed on either one- or several panels.

For a fast delivery, umbrellas can be printed here in Germany with our new laser silk-screen printing machine.

Several models (e. g. little MAXX) can also be printed on the umbrellas’ cover and the closure band.

Our team is pleased to advice you.