Backpacks & Sports bags

Printed with your personal logo or slogan these backpacks and sports bags will become the perfect advertising medium. Backpacks and bags are perceived as high value items – and they are also used in leisure time. Your customers will positively link your company and your service offering  while using these promotional items.

Promotional Backpack for travel agencies – hiking backpack – 2006-75 (approx. 28 x 47 x 16 cm, blue/black)

Promotional Backpack for travel agencies – hiking backpack

Practical all-round backpack for any application.

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Casual promotion Backpack – 2007-75 (approx. 29 x 44 x 18 cm, blue/black)

Casual promotion Backpack

Sporty looking free time backpack as a reliable companion.

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Pliant promotion Backpack – 2011-01 (approx. 34 x 43 x 25 cm, black)

Pliant promotion Backpack

Favourable backpack with big storage space.

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City-Backpack – 2012-01 (approx. 27 x 33 x 15 cm, black)


Practical and stylish small backpack with opening for headphones.

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Premium promotion Backpack – 2016-01 (approx. 30 x 50 x 30 cm, black)

Premium promotion Backpack

High grade backpack with big storage space, incl. rain hood.

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Points worth knowing about printed backpacks & sports bags

The variety of applications is endless, so are the potential possibilities for backpack design. The range goes from a simple printable budget backpack which is used as give-away for trade fairs up to high-quality and smart backpacks which are printed with company logos.

Many of our backpacks are all-purpose and will fit to every style and application: You may use them with leisure time clothing  as hiking backpack or wearing a suit as printed business backpack.

Backpacks are mostly linked to positive experiences and values (holidays, journeys, leisure time, adventures) and are therefore perfect as promotional gift. From a company viewpoint, the investment in this promotional item pays back more than once: High-quality advertising effect, high range of the advertising message, high contact rate, positive image and popularity at customers and a long durability.